3 Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know! 3 Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know!
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3 Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know!

" 3 Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know! " by Cucan Pemo

In this issue, I'll tell you what you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about your man to attract him, win over his heart, and grow his love for you!

1) Men can separate their life from their relationship, and most men know how to get themselves emotionally charged for each of these two components on separate occasions. They don't seem to connect them together and view them as separate areas. If it's work they have to focus on now, they'll give their 100%, and concentrate on getting a good job done. If it's a problem they have to think about solving for their buddies, they'll pour their whole heart and soul into resolving the issue, so much so that other concerns (including love and romance) have to step aside first. If it's love they have to focus on during a particular moment, they'll also give their 100%, and they can be absolutely romantic! For women it's different. Once she has accepted a guy into her life, her relationship literally becomes her life! She finds it difficult to separate these two. She'll have the man of her life in her mind throughout every single minutes of her day! Her thoughts are filled with images of him, during work, during play, in the midst of her meeting during work, and even during her leisure time!

2) Men usually keep to themselves, unwilling to talk, explain, elaborate further if they don't want to. But this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you, and it definitely doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. He just need to not talk about anything RIGHT NOW, there and then. If you feel that your guy is responding in an unloving, unromantic and distant way, it's useful to think that guys have an inner secret chamber where once in a while they have to go in for their own retreat, to settle their own issues, to recharge, to live out their own fantasies, or even their dreams. No one else is allowed inside, not even his parents.

3) A man's self worth comes from his sense of competence and success in life, not only from his relationship. If a man feels that he is not doing a good job in the office, has not being very helpful to another person, has failed in completing a task in and outside of the house (whatever it is), he will NOT be loving towards himself, or even you. This is why it is important that you do not jump into conclusion too quickly in the event that you feel that your man seems unloving, seems to be neglecting you, or doesn't seem to care. In short, your assumptions or conclusion could be misleading or wrong!

Do not give up your individuality and dignity after you have gone into a relationship. Remember, you do not need to earn his love for you by giving up who you are. One of the most important, key secret to maintaining a loving and long- lasting relationship with the man of your life is actually this: you still respect and love yourself, for who you are! If you respect and love yourself, your man will respect and love you!


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